the beginning

This is my first blog attempt. I feel rusty, but that’s a term for someone who has lost some skills in an area, and I don’t have the skills yet.

I plan to update people about my accomplishments, and comment about the Big News.

My main project right now is a project called the Ulysses Rubber Gloves. I’m writing the entre manuscript of Joyce’s Ulysses onto ordinary yellow rubber cleaning gloves. So far I have around 15, and am on around page 29. I hope to do at least two gloves a week.

I don’t know what the Big News of the day is just yet. Probably more about the volcano in Iceland. Crazy how nature has been a lead story this year many many times. Rains, floods, volcano’s, snow. Kind of biblical.

One Response to “the beginning”

  1. Penny Dreadful Says:

    Hi Jess! I am glad you are blogging. I will add you to my blogroll. No one reads my blog either so mostly it is just symbolic support. I miss talking about TV with you. This is Corrie btw.

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