Unfortunate Timing.

There was a television show I liked very much called Once and Again. It was a quiet show, basically a family drama. In one of the last episodes of the series, a character named Karen, who has had a rough time of it, gets very depressed. Unable to help herself alone, she eventually seeks theContinue reading “Unfortunate Timing.”

Moral Compass

I have been knocked off course. I need an ally like my father, or D.C.S. Christopher Foyle, to help me find my way. My dad was the only person I have known who could actually change a person’s mind about something they thought they believed without ever raising his voice. When I was in firstContinue reading “Moral Compass”

The Truth About Me

People who know me, including some of my closest friends, think that I am always brutally honest to the point of tactlessness. They believe that I always tell the truth when asked for my opinion, whether it be about a hairstyle, clothing, art work, or moral and ethical dilemmas. I am sometimes tactless, but theContinue reading “The Truth About Me”