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A Chair

August 30, 2017

In about six years I can write about what is happening in my life. Until then, here is a story of a broken chair. 

We have plastic Adirondak style chairs on our front lawn. 

We buy them from the supermarket. In the past I could only find them in a really uninspiring, non descript green (above left). Then, when we needed to replace one, I found it in a nice lavender. I particularly liked the lavender chair even though basically they are all the same molded form. It is not shown in the picture. 

Anyway, it cracked. A big crack. I still sat in it but my husband decided we needed to get rid of it. 

At one time in my city the trash people would take everything and anything. Not so anymore. Now, if it does not fit in a designated bin, they won’t take it. Needless to say the lavender chair would not fit in the designated bin. Usually if you leave something on the curb in our neighborhood and it is remotely decent someone will come along and take it. We put our chair out on the curb but no one whisked it away even after three days. So, I put it back on our lawn. 

I wanted this chair to have a new home. A good home. The right home. 

On my weekly walk to and from therapy, about 2 and 1/2 miles each way, I started to look for places that needed a slightly broken chair.  On this walk I see a number of homes that are a bit sketchy and in need of t.l.c.. 


I thought one of these places might like my chair, might NEED my chair. I told my husband. He was skeptical. I was determined. I convinced him that we needed to take the chair to someplace that needed a chair. I told him I thought if we found the right place it would be appreciated. 

One night after dark we put the chair in his car. 

I knew right away my husband would not have the patience to see all the places I had staked out on my walk. He just wanted to get rid of the chair. Pretty soon we came upon a lot that has a trailer for workmen. Near the trailer there is a grassy lot with a big tree. This was going to be the new home for the chair. 

We drove in the lot, careful to make sure no one spotted us. Not because we were doing something wrong, but you know, it might look like we were up to no good.

My husband took the chair out of his car and put it near the tree, and made sure it was on a level bit of ground so it would not fall over. The whole adventure took five minutes. 

I am seeing a different therapist now but I still run on this route so I always look for the chair. I can tell you this chair IS appreciated, and used. Every time I jog past it, it has been moved just enough that I know there is a man who is hoping to catch a few rays of late summer sun. Maybe he is having a smoke and thinking about his life. I know my chair is appreciated. We found it a home, and it makes me a little happy every time a see it.