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This Will Change Your Life

January 4, 2014

  1. sitting on chair There are many things in the world that are supposed to change your life. Specific things like books. My late cousin Sherry promised me The Artist’s Way would change my life. I bought it, read it, did the little exercises. It did not change anything.
  2.  Oprah has lots of ways to change a life. But none of them feel like a good fit for me.
  3. The thing that has actually changed my life is facebook. You can scoff and grunt, be disgusted. I don’t care. For me fb is not about connecting with old friends and far away family. It’s about finding a circle of like minded friends I could never have known if not for this weird virtual tool.
  4. I work alone, in a studio that is supposed to be a bedroom. I make complicated, time consuming drawings. I want people to see my work and I want feedback and I want to vent, rant, discuss, share with other people who live far and near, who worry about the big world and the internal world, about death, age, dust bunnies, good books, movies, family, wrinkles, success, failure. In other words EVERYTHING.
  5. And fb has brought me in contact with these people. Some, it turns out, live in my own state, like the most fabulous French speaking beautiful fashionable smart Bernadette. Some live very far from me, like music (jazz) loving art appreciating Derek. Most live someplace in the U.S.
  6. Some of what people care to share is dull stuff. But more often than not there is a real connection, and sometimes even a sale of my work. So, for me, facebook, and I suppose the computer that allows me access to it, has actually changed my life, and by change I mean change…not enriched or embellished or deepened my understanding. I mean changed.
  7. Well, there are three other things…My husband Andy, my son Noah, and my dog Alice. My cats are great, but they did not change my life.