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April 13, 2012

First, I read about a Whitney Bienniel artist named Andrew Masullo, in the NY Times. I had never heard of him. He hates to be called an artist. I hate successful artists who hate to be called artists, even if they have an eloquent reason. If you paint all day and exhibit your results are we supposed to call you a plumber? A dietician? A teacher? A mortician?
Anyway, he paints. And even though he is a painter who is not wanting to be called an artist he seems to have done very very well in the art world. I didn’t save the article so I won’t use quotation marks but the gist is that he has had numerous solo shows, exhibited in the U.S. And abroad, and is considered (according to the article) to be the star of the current Bienniel. From the photographs I saw I was perplexed and a little irritated that his career has been so stellar. They are abstract (but he hates to have his work to be called abstract), kind of geometric colorful studies with paint used from the tube. They are nice.
I wonder how he got his first show, how his reputation grew and grew to where it is now, how he got the chutzpah to show this simple work at all. I guess he also does assemblages. One curator said he can make art out of anything (but not art…because he is not an artist).
Today I read on my Facebook page about an artist who just won a Guggenheim award. Her name is Jennifer Wynne Reeves. I had not heard of her. I am always amazed at my ignorance. At any rate, I googled her work and loved everything I saw. Every painting, and they are small compositions (which makes me love them even more) is a jewel of color, pattern, whimsy, and in my eyes, intelligence.
I am not drawing a BIG conclusion from this. It’s always interesting to me, and often frustrating, how names in the art world rise to the top, or rise at all. I will follow Jennifer Wynne Reeves. I want to see her work in person and I hope this fellowship award opens a lot of doors for her. I will follow Andrew Masullo too, just to see what happens with him.
Meanwhile, I am swimming around at the bottom of the pool. My dealer in Boston said to just keep working…it is the work that is important. I agree, but also, if one more person says that to me I might become a little hostile.
I am an artist who makes artwork who wants to be known as an artist who makes artwork. I want to be an artist who shows artwork in nice galleries and museums and who is paid to make this artwork. If the NY Times ever wants to know, that’s what I am going to tell them.