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I Don’t Know What To Think

March 25, 2011

My head has been swamped. I am a bit of a headline junkie and also a woman of  strong opinions. But right now there seems to be so much happening that I can’t get a grasp of the basics and I keep changing my mind about everything.

This holds especially true in regard to this “intervention” in Libya. One minute I think this was the right thing to do because civilians were being slaughtered, we had the okay from other nations, and I hate Obama to look weak. But, as Tevya from Fiddler On the Roof would say…”on the other hand”, the republicans still and always will hate Obama and want him crushed into the ground. I’m not at all sure that intervening in Libya where there is a civil war was a smart move at this time, and things don’t seem to be going as planned anyway, so what is the point?

On Japan and it’s problems, I feel heartbroken at the thousands killed by the earthquake and the tsunami, I feel worried about the long-term ramifications of the nuclear disaster, and I’m not sure if the truth is getting out, nor what to do about it anyway. It’s not as if the government of Japan wants its people to get sick and die from radiation. I’m sure they don’t want to contaminate the world either.  I also think about all the Toyota plants that are closed, all the men and women there who have no jobs all of a sudden, and no idea when normal life will resume. How do they exist? What about all the hundreds or thousands who survived but have lost everything? I can’t begin to imagine being in their shoes right now. I think about it but for them it is their life, their existence, their reality. It’s too much.

Meanwhile, none of these tragic world matters stops me for one minute of thinking about my sorry self. I have articles or art work in three magazines, simultaneously. I mean, that would seem to be a good thing, right? But as of this day I have gotten ONE bit of feedback, from a friend who has a stack of one of the magazines, Artscope, in the gallery where he works. I didn’t expect much, but I expected, or hoped for more than that. An excited curator? A saavy collector?

I am plugging away at my Ulysses Glove Project. I am on page 225 now, and probably have over one hundred gloves with text. Even though I am a year or years away from finishing this it does occur to me more often that nobody seems especially interested in showing it. Of course, not many people know about it. It always comes back to marketing. It’s true with my work, it’s true with this blog. How to make your mark and have the mark be noticed? It seems harder and harder each day, though watching very young people like Justin Beiber shoot to stardom from a you tube posting it also seems easier and easier. It’s another thing I have a back and forth feeling about.

So, like I said before. My head is filled to capacity. I am not sure what to think, what to draw, who to call. I am glad for my Ulysses project because even when it feels like there is nothing I can do about anything, I can sit at my kitchen table and copy text onto a glove. And slowly, there is progress. This week I called around twelve local legislators to encourage them to vote for the marriage equality act in RI. Again, not a big step, but at least it was time well spent. I felt like it allowed me to empty one bit of brain trash, to make room for the next incoming concern.

And now I have written another blog entry. This is something I can be more consistent about. I can add my voice to the millions who blog for fun and money (if I could make money from my blog I think I would be the happiest woman in America). It’s time to pick up my dog Alice from the groomer. That is something I am sure I can do.