well, I guess I can say absolutely anything, because nobody is looking at this thing. I can barely find it myself.

So, I watched Idol tonight. Everytime I do I wish I could meet Simon Cowell. I would like him to wink at me, to say frus TRA ting, to say “off you go”, and then to sleep with him, and then afterwards he can say “off you go”, again. And wink, again.

Meanwhile, I sent off e-mails to folks I haven’t heard from in a while just to generate some kind of action for myself. I never know what to say though. I don’t want to come off sounding desperate. Especially with my gallery guy J. I want to know him better and have him know me better but I always write just a little to him. I sent him a new image, which he seemed to like and we had a small e-mail exchange. But I want more. I want to plumb depths.

Oh well.


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