How do people do this? How will anyone know that I am here and who will read this?

I am just home from work and now will mow my lawn. After I mow the lawn I feel I’ll deserve a reward, but the only reward I can give to myself is a tall glass of wine. That doesn’t seem like enough, but it’ll have to do.

Yesterday I finished reading (well, listening, it was an audio book) Disgrace, by J.M.Coetze. I feel I deserve a reward for that as well. It’s a lofty book. It’s not like Danielle Steele or Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown. It’s the sort of book that might be discussed by people who write for the New Yorker.

I’m not sure I understood the ending, but all in all I found it readable and if it weren’t so incredibly sad, it would be enjoyable.


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